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Premium Natural Ingredients

Other hot sauces contain 90-95% white vinegar. Ruthless hot sauce is 100% natural with 0% white vinegar, which intensifies all of the natural flavours.

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Our Story

In 2009, Ruthless Hot Sauce was introduced to the market. The secret recipe comprises 100% all-natural ingredients. It perfectly balances the fiery heat of the Habanero or Jalapeño pepper with the freshness of vegetables, cilantro, and freshly squeezed lime. The Habanero pepper is ranked 7th in the heat chart, and the Jalapeño is ranked 4th in the heat chart. Together, these peppers add a unique and intense kick to Ruthless Hot Sauce that sets it apart from other hot sauces on the market. The combination of heat and freshness makes it a versatile condiment that can spice up any dish, from tacos and burgers to stir-fries and soups. Ruthless Hot Sauce has quickly gained a loyal following of spicy food enthusiasts who appreciate its bold flavours and high-quality ingredients.

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Bold flavour, ruthless heat,
all natural ingredients

Vegetable based, no preservatives, not vinegar based like the competitors!

Ruthless hot sauces are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed on their own, adding a spicy kick to your favourite dishes. I've tried them on tacos, burgers, pizza, and even on vegetables, and they elevate the flavour profile of each dish to a whole new level.

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